PersDL 2007

10th DELOS Thematic Workshop on

Personalized Access, Profile Management, and Context Awareness in Digital Libraries

Aims and scope
Call for papers (PDF)

Relevant topics of PersDL 2007 include:

  • User modeling for digital library users
  • Modeling of user preferences in digital libraries
  • Reasoning on user models
  • User profiling and profile elicitation
  • User log mining and behavioral pattern recognition
  • Personalized information retrieval, information filtering, and content personalization
  • Agents for intelligent browsing and navigation
  • Collaborative filtering and recommender systems in digital libraries
  • Advanced collaborative environments
  • Personal Information Management
  • Adaptive interfaces and personalized interaction
  • Architectures for personalized privacy in digital libraries
  • Privacy-preserving personalization methods
  • Adaptive digital library systems
  • Context modeling and context identification
  • Multimodal ubiquitous environments
  • Context-aware computing in digital libraries
  • Context-aware system architectures
  • Context-aware user profiling and personalization
  • Evaluation methodologies and metrics
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